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All I See Is A World Turned Upside Down

(The Heart May Erase It But The Soul Remembers Everything)

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Name:Hono-Iro Shisen | Tadashi Hamada | Atsuhiko Krei
Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:San Fransokyo, California, United States of America
Big Hero 6 AU. Spoilers for pretty much everything nonetheless


Hono-Iro Shisen, the Yakuza and back-alley monsters call him - the man with fire colored eyes. They're all you'll see before it all goes black. You'll wish he killed you instead of the the terror he'll put you through. They say he can't speak, that he answers to a voice only he can hear, that he controls the shadows. He's the personal bodyguard of someone very high up pulling all the strings, and it's for your own safety that the San Fransokyo Police Department says that no one, not even the newly formed Big Hero 6, should take him on.

Or: the AU where Alistair Krei was behind the fire, took Tadashi, erased his memories and implanted a false identity in him through psychotherapy, hypnosis and not entirely sound science. You have to accept some setbacks on the path to greatness - for instance, he wasn't supposed to lose virtually all his memory, but new drugs can have those kind of adverse reactions. Still, it'll all be worth it to get the inventions of a Hamada brother and take every ounce of the credit, just like it was worth the death of Callaghan to get ahold of a mind brilliant enough to handle operating literally half a million microbots with ease.

A talented bodyguard, online college student and inventor, the renamed 'Atsuhiko Krei' has yet to be defeated or identified by the Big Hero 6 of his world, in large part due to the underhanded nature of Krei's plans. Often, Krei sends him out to steal and rob for him, which Atsuhiko knows is a regrettable necessity - his adopted father can't help people without the right materials, after all. He wouldn't just steal, he's in it because his beloved father who spent a small fortune on helping him 'recover' from 'the accident' that took out his memories needs him to. People don't understand; thankfully, due to the nature of microbot combat, they're never hurt or killed in the process of fighting him.

When he's not holed up at one of Krei's safehouses, he's out in the mask and outfit, lurking, helping people when he can, stopping the bad guys from hurting innocent people. He doesn't remember anything except in strange dreams that his mind buries like quicksand. But he knows he wants to help people. He wants to stand up for people who can't stand up for themselves. And he wants to do good.

The heart, it seems, is not affected by memory loss as much as one might think.
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